During our latest outfit shoot, the following question popped into my mind: ‘Do we all have a fashion personality?’

Everyone has a different style, some of us have even multiple clothing styles and some us of are still figuring out what our personal style is. I wonder if our personality matches with our fashion personality..Me and Mel, we are like Yin and Yang, salt and pepper, sugar and spice. Both completely different but we complete each other in some way. Personality wise, it’s the same story. Melisa is best described as an outspoken and extrovert personality, while I’m more of a gentle, introvert person. I feel like the way we are as individuals is unconsciously reflected in the way that we dress. After an outfit shoot I noticed how our personalities often come back in our outfits, it may sound a little bit silly but If you take a good look at our outfits, you might understand what I’m trying to say. Just look at Mel’s amazing coat! It’s a coat that screams for attention! That’s why she has kept the rest of her quite simple for a classy/edgy finishing touch! I’m personally a HUGE fan of simple, chic outfits. I love how minimal outfits can appear so chic with one stunner of a eye-catching item. The pink- pastel coat from H&M is perfect for Spring. I love the simplicity of it. I think that this coat reflects my personality perfectly! It’s minimal, but chic. Like Mel’s leopard coat is edgy & unique, just like her.

Maybe we all do have a fashion personality (or two) Only we would like to know what your fashion personality is!?

M. Coat: Bershka / Jeans: Bershka / Bag: Mango / Shoes: NIKE / Glasses: Polette
S. Coat: H&M / Jeans: ZARA / Bag: Mango / Shoes: H&M / Glasses: Polette


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