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I have visited London many times before and I just can’t get enough of this city. When people ask me why? I cannot give a specific answer. My last visit to London and especially my last visit to the British Museum made it all clear to me. Let me first start by saying that the British Museum is really one of my favourite buildings. It is historic, modern and artistic at the same time. I just love the atmosphere in the museum, which is inviting and positive. There isn’t a person in the world that has not been there and wasn’t impressed by the magical feeling and the beauty of this place.

The British museum is a national Museum in the Great Britain located in, Great Russell Street in the quarter Bloomsbury. The entrance for the British Museum is free (like most museums in London). There is a geographic division in the museum for the art and history pieces. So you see a little bit of the world actually. For special expositions (now about Vikings) you have to pay.The museum exists from 1759. In 2000 the museum renovated the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court. Which is the entrance and the middle point of the museum. The roof is just beautiful and overwhelming. Just don’t look at the roof too long. Because you will get a little bit dizzy.

The British Museum gives you a good reflection of London. It is a historic and modern city both at the same time. Just look at Oxford Street and you know exactly what I mean. But the thing I love the most about London is fashion. I just get the feeling that the people in London are more creative with their outfits. Because every time I visit London. I get inspired for my own style. The same way I get inspiration from art. The British museum made me realize why I love London so much. It is because of the diversity of cultures from people who live there. Here in Holland there had been a lot of negativity about the multicultural society. And that just makes me sad. Because I cannot imagine my world, without the beauty of different cultures.
Well maybe I will just move to London one day…

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Details: Sweater: H&M |  T-shirt: Pull & Bear | Leather Pants and Necklace: ZARA | Bag: Mango | Shoes: Converse

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  1. Hey ladies, thanks for liking my post about Ljubljana! Nice to see that you’re fans of London too, especially the British Museum. I’m a Londoner and must admit that the museums here are so incredible, I’m really quite spoilt! Have you checked out the Victoria & Albert (aka V&A) Museum? Since you’re all about fashion and design, it would be your mecca . . .


  2. I love London too but it is such an unfriendly place. Next time you are in the UK make a wee trip north to Glasgow. It’s much much smaller but friendlier and arty. x


  3. The British Museum is my favourite. I got to sleep over a couple of times and it was fabulous – I never managed to look as glamorous as you in the pictures though.


  4. Nice pictures :) in july i’m going to londen for 4 days with my sister! I can’t wait….. I’m so excited! Everyday i’m doing research what to do in londen. My to-do-list will be everyday bigger! :D


  5. There are Vikings in in B.M. and I’m not there? Gah.
    I totally agree, by the way. London is unique. We love and hate each other at the same time.
    Have fun ;)

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